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A gnome who plays a wicked bass. Raised in South Tailashire. She lives with her father and her stepmom, and is best friend/next door neighbor to Roscoe Chubb. 

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An elf with a past. Once a front man for the rock band ElfMother, until a shameful performance a century ago. Now he's broke and on Roscoe's couch. 

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A halfling and natural drummer. He used to live in a house with his parents and older brother, Giovanni. Now he's living on his own has a freeloading roomie.

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A half bear/half human, hailing from the forest of Stormwood where she helps run an herb farm with her mother, Minerva. Known for her positivity and mandolin skills.


The history of Edennia begins almost 200 years ago. Refugees from the war-torn country of Fovor sailed North hoping to create a more prosperous life for themselves in the abandoned Nation of Man. Its inhabitants had been wiped out by Dragons centuries ago, and no settlers had attempted to live there since.

Knowing the Dragons have long been quiet and relegated beyond the mountains of Vritranya, the settlers from Fovor took a risk and put down roots. The ground was fertile with vegetation and gemstones (precious magical talismans and recording devices), making it the perfect place to build a thriving new society.

The Fovorians took what they needed to grow and forced all  magical beings North, into the wilderness of The Highlands. They even built a massive wall known as the Rampart to protect them.  With the guidance of the elf nation of Qar'Qatara to the East, the leader of the settlers, Orion Magnate, chose the first day of the new calendar year to found a new nation, which he called Edennia.

Black Washed Wall

Edennia is broken up into four distinct provinces; Kingsrung (East), Taliashire (West), Battlefront (North) and the Meadows (Central). Kingsrung is the most affluent, controlling most of the nation's wealth, though containing the smallest population; it is home to the sovereign, King Cyrus.


Taliashire has two major cities, North and South Taliashire. North Taliashire is known for its environmental consciousness and pro-democratic beliefs (It also contains the only known passage through the Vritranian Mountains). South Taliashire has a working class history but, now, many industries have moved their manufacturing closer to wealthy consumers in Kingsrung, leaving the residents of South Taliashire in hard times.


Battlefront is the Northern province, pressed right up against the unknown dangers of The Highlands. At the formation of the new Nation, leaders in Battlefront were tasked with building a barricade that would protect Edennians from their new enemies, the magical outcasts they had pushed from their land. They built the Rampart, a large stone wall spanning three full sides of the province. The final province is known as the Meadows, untamed land that sits between the other three provinces, and a necessary passage between them all. Though many animals live here, it is considered a lawless territory, making it a haven for thieves, rogues, and outcasts.