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Map by Baird Erb


In a time long ago on a land not unlike our own, three nations lay on the continent Borios. To the west, Vritranya, nation of dragons; known for their underground cities and hatred of man. To the east, Qar’Qatara, “Nation of Elves”; land of many gods and harmony with the earth. And sitting twixt the two, The Nation of Man; where humans drew borders to keep themselves safe. Within this human nation, rock music was as popular as the common tongue, and great bands, like ElfMother, were worshipped like gods. That is, until the Great War began.


Once Vritranya launched its fiery attack on the Nation, humans never stood a chance.  After less than a year of battle, the Nation of Man was wiped from existence.


Centuries passed. Gaiades, elf god of nature, restored the dragon-scorched earth back to its former beauty, and magical creatures came in from the north. Though the dragons were never heard from again, the fear of their wrath kept the elves from inhabiting the land... when a new society of man came from across the sea and claimed it as their own.


Explorers from the war-torn country of Fovor, located on the southern continent of Maridtos, sailed across the Delarose Sea to the abandoned Nation of Man. Knowing the Dragons have long been quiet and relegated beyond the mountains of Vritranya, the settlers from Fovor took a risk and put down roots. The ground was fertile with vegetation and gemstones (precious magical talismans and recording devices), making it the perfect place to build a thriving new society. Thus, Edennia was founded. The new humans brought with them the so-called “promise of prosperity,” and dwarves, gnomes, and halflings sailed from the western continent, Occitka, to join them and benefit.


The Fovorans & the Occitkans took what they needed to grow and forced all magical beings North once again, into the wilderness of The Highlands. They even built a massive wall known as the Rampart to protect them from retaliation.  With guidance from the elf nation (Qar'Qatara), the leader of the settlers, Forvoran General Orion Magnate, chose the first day of the calendar year as the start of a new nation, which he called Edennia. Orion became the first king of Edennian, and this day became known as Founders Day.


Now, 200 years after Edennia’s birth, great sums of wealth are held by very few and King Cyrus hopes to unite the nation despite its disparity. And though no one knows it yet, Edennia requires four heroes to protect its people from certain doom…

Edennia is broken up into three distinct provinces;

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Taliashire (West)

Contains two major cities: North Taliashire and the capital of the province, South Taliashire. North Taliashire is known for its environmental consciousness and pro-democratic beliefs. South Taliashire has a working class history but, now, many industries have moved their manufacturing closer to wealthy consumers in Kingsrung, leaving the residents of South Taliashire in hard times.

Battlefront (North)

Battlefront is the Northern province, pressed right up against the unknown dangers of The Highlands. At the formation of the new Nation, leaders in Battlefront were tasked with building a barricade that would become known as The Rampart, a large stone wall spanning three full sides of the province. It's capital city, North Point, sits at the gateway to the Highlands.


Kingsrung (East)

The most affluent province, controlling most of the nation's wealth, though it contains the smallest population; it is home to the sovereign, King Cyrus. It's capital city, Boarstead, is also Edennia's National Captial.

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The Meadows (Central)

Sitting between the three provinces is the untamed land known as the Meadows, a necessary passage between them all. Though many animals live here, it is considered a lawless territory, making it a haven for thieves, rogues, and outcasts. 

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