The music of Mythic Thunderlute,

without any of that pesky gameplay!

A medieval rock band tries to balance their desires for fame and justice...

This innovative podcast takes actual D&D game play and adds underscoring, SFX, &

three full-fledged musical numbers per episode.

The Album for Season 1.0 will be released in three volumes.
Volume I, songs from...
Episode 1: The Plea of the Wood Nymph,
Episode 2: The Fallen Prince
Episode 3: Gods of Old



Jake Blouch, Michael Doherty, Dan Kazemi & Alex Keiper


Main Cast:

Jake Blouch (Edgar), Lillian Castillo (Jocasta), Michael Doherty (Gamemaker), Steve Gudelunas (Roscoe) & Leigha Kato (Pugface)

Non-Player Characters:
Tony Carter as "Private Volkar"
Michael Doherty as "Schnieder", "The Piper", "Herman the Monk", "Private Kunstler", "Mustachioed Guard" & "Sherriff Guttendel".

Music Makers:
Jake Blouch (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin), Charlie DelMarcelle (Harmonica), Michael Doherty (Ensemble Vocals), Sarah Gliko (Flute), Steve Gudelunas (drums), Dan Kazemi (Keyboard, Ensemble Vocals, Additional Instrumentation), Alex Keiper (Ensemble Vocals)